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Best Online Sports Betting Sites

Placing sports bets on outcomes of various sport events is the favorite activity of gamblers. In the not-too-distant past, sports fans used to travel to land-based casinos to place their bets. Nowadays, most bookmakers have websites where players can place their bets without leaving the comfort of their homes. Let’s discuss some of the most popular sportsbook sites in Canada.

Which Betting Site Is The Best?

Is It Legal To Sports Bet In Canada?

Since the sports betting and gambling industry is booming, many countries, particularly in Europe, update their laws and regulations to adapt. But Canada isn’t on this list. 

Can you believe that in Canada gambling is still regulated by a law accepted nearly 130 years ago? And this law primarily refers to land-based bookmakers. It means that no law in Canada regulates online betting operations over the web. 

Regardless of the current situation in Canada, sports betting sites succeeded in obtaining licenses for their legal operations. Betting at these sites is perfectly safe since these operators comply with the law, and in case of disagreements, players can go to court to resolve their disputes with the bookmaker

But what if Canadian players bet at sites registered outside the country? Well, Canadian law prohibits such sites from operating within the territory of the country if they aren’t registered and licensed by its regulatory bodies. 

However, regardless of the law, such offshore websites carry out gambling activities in Canada and cannot be prosecuted by its laws. They have the following advantages for Canadian online sports bettors: 

  • Foreign gambling websites offer a wider selection of markets.
  • They have more beneficial betting terms. 
  • They provide profitable promotions.
  • They support Canadian payment systems. 

The only issue is that no one can guarantee that these foreign sportsbook sites are safe or fair. Some are registered in countries that have relatively loose gambling laws. The only way to check their legitimacy is by reading customer reviews and asking real players of these sites for feedback. 

Types of Sports Bets 

Betting online is tempting mainly due to the great variety of betting types. 

  1. Moneyline: it’s the basic betting option that all online sports betting providers offer. Do you think the chances that your favorite team will win are higher? Bet on that!
  2. Over/Under: do you think that in a football match two teams combined will score 5 goals? Go on and bet on it! It’s such a popular betting type that some sports betting sites even offer variations and subtypes. 
  3. Point Spread: In terms of this type of sports betting Canada is one of the leading countries. It represents the odds that one of the teams will win/lose by a specific number of points. 
  4. Futures: Would you like to bet on the final outcome of the entire championship? Then this sports betting option is for you. See an example of Futures betting in the image below. 
  5. Props: Do you want to bet that your favorite player will score the first goal? Then Props is the option you need. Betting online on certain incidents during a game is called Props. 
  6. Parlays: It’s a pretty risky online sports betting type. You place a bet on the outcomes of several matches or games. If you lose one, you lose the entire bet. But if you win, the prize size is big. 

How to Bet on Sports Online? 

Long gone are the days when for placing sports bets players had to drive several miles to reach a land-based betting agency. Thanks to the internet, nowadays all bettors are one click away from placing bets on their favorite teams. Here are the steps you should take. 

Find a Reliable and Legit Sports Betting Site

The Internet is a big ocean of sites. The best sports betting sites should meet the following criteria:

  • Offer all types of real and virtual sports.
  • Offer profitable betting odds.
  • Have low bonus wagering requirements. 
  • Allow fast money withdrawals.
  • Support a variety of payment systems.
  • Have attractive bonus programs.

Register at Sportsbook Sites

If you want to place bets on your favorite team or event, you should become a member of the online sports betting site first. The registration and further membership are entirely free. You should simply follow the steps shown in the image below. 

Make Your First Deposit 

Isn’t it amazing when you can bet on real money sports and win real money instead of credits, points, or bonuses? But first, you should make a deposit and redeem the bonuses to which you’re entitled as a newcomer. Sometimes, besides bonuses, new players can also receive free bets. Just make sure to provide the right bonus code. Check out the image below for further instructions on how to deposit

Start Playing

Did you know that most sports betting operators allow playing right after making a deposit? But before you view the selection of matches and events, check out which games you can play with free bets.

Then, you can either cash out the money you won or you can bet again. Just make sure to check the betting odds and ensure that you don’t waste your money.

Popular Canadian Payment Methods

Everyone knows that in terms of sports betting Canada is an active country since people here like sports. But for attracting Canadian players foreign sites should accept payments via the systems they use. Here are the popular ones:

  1. Instant Banking With Interac

Interac is a third-party network that connects Canadian bank accounts with sports betting sites. It allows players to top up their balances instantly and securely and with low fees for the transaction. 

  1. Credit Cards

Is it even worth mentioning how popular credit card payments are in the world, including Canada? Most foreign betting websites operating in the country support Visa and MasterCard. But only some of them allow withdrawing funds using MasterCard. 

  1. Bank Transfers

Most people consider it an old-fashioned method. Others are sure it’s the most secure option since you don’t have to share any card details with the online sports betting platform. However, before using this method, you should consider that it will take a few business days until the money will be credited to your balance.

  1. E-wallets

All online bookmakers know how popular e-wallets are among Canadian bettors due to their security measures and transaction speed. You can deposit funds to your balance using PayPal and EcoPayz. Are you an iOS or Android user? Great, because you can use Apple Pay and Google Pay for betting online.

  1. Cryptocurrency

If players cannot place sports bets by paying with cryptocurrency, then it’s an old-fashioned bookie. It’s a pretty convenient payment method because you don’t pay high transaction fees and transfer the money anonymously. 

Sports Betting Bonuses for Canadian Players

Have you ever wondered how foreign sports betting bookies succeed in attracting new bettors from Canada while simultaneously engaging and keeping the existing ones? It turns out that this magic is based on promotions like free bets, points, and other rewards. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Money Back and Cashback

Many online bookmakers promise to return some part of the money if the player loses the bet. Usually, the promotion sets a certain cashback percentage. It means that the more money you bet, the more you’ll get back. But please note that you won’t get a lot of money back. 

Free Bet

It’s one of the most profitable promotions offered by sports betting operators. They say that if you place a bet and lose it, they’ll grant you an opportunity to make free bets. If you win, great! If not, well, it isn’t your lucky day, then. 

Match Bonuses

The best sports betting sites worldwide offer two bonus programs – first deposit and reload bonuses. 

  • In the first case, the bookie promises to provide you bonus money to use on sports bets if you make your first deposit. For example, if you deposit 50 CAD, you’ll receive another 50 CAD as a bonus. 
  • Unlike the first one, reload bonuses are incentives designed specifically for existing users. By depositing money for betting on real money sports matches, you’ll receive additional bonuses. 

Final Thoughts

Betting online is one of the favorite activities of sports fans. If you live in Canada and want to place online sports bets at foreign betting platforms, you should thoroughly research and choose reliable sites. Then, enjoy playing!